COVID19 mini-update, August 18, 2020: good news about lasting immunity in humans

(1) Dr. John Campbell reviews three recent studies (one of which, the one from Stockholm on T-cell immunity, I’ve discussed here earlier) that fairly conclusively show that yes, exposure to the virus leads to lasting immunity. This is great news both for herd immunity and for a putative vaccine.

The two other studies are from U. Of Washington. First, here is one about the crew of a fishing vessel (preprint):

In brief: the 122 crew of a commercial fishing vessel were tested pre-departure, both RT-PCR and antibody. Three of them had clear evidence of past recovery from COVID19-infection. Clearly, one of the crew was a false negative for RT-PCR, for in the subsequent weeks, the vessel had to return to port because a crew member needed hospitalization. At that point, 104 crew (i.e., 85%!) tested positive either for virus or for antibodies. (Interestingly, the percentage of asymptomatic infections is not given in the paper.) Significantly, the three crew members with pre-existing immunity did not get infected again, despite being aboard what amounted to an unintentional viral incubator.

Another study from UW: “Functional SARS-CoV-2-specific immune memory persists after mild COVID-19”

(2) iPhone maker Foxconn: days of China as the world’s factory are over. The Taiwanese company is developing alternate supply ecosystems in India, Vietnam,…

Back to (1): “Got a feeling ’21 is gonna be a good year“…

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