Amy Bishop update: U. of Alabama shooter terrorized neighbors, tried to rob car dealership

We already know (see previous roundup) that U. of Alabama “tenure denial revenge killer” Amy Bishop was a far-left extremist, obsessed with 0bama, and shot her brother to death in murky circumstances, and that the police investigation of the latter was ended following high-level intervention.

Now we learn that she harassed kids in her Ipswich, MA neighborhood; that the husband, who earlier claimed he didn’t know his wife had a gun, went to target practice with her at a shooting range; and that, while trying to escape after “accidentally” shooting her brother, she entered a Ford dealership and demanded a vehicle at gunpoint.

Here is what we do know. There was an argument only recently brought to light between Seth and his nineteen year old sister Amy that was left out of many documents in the report. Shortly after the argument, Amy fired a loaded shotgun which struck Seth at point blank range in his chest and tore the aorta of his heart, killing him.

We know that Amy then went to Dave Dinger Ford and according to Thomas Pettigrew who was working in the garage, told the Boston Herald that Bishop put a shotgun against his chest and demanded a vehicle. Pettigrew said Bishop claimed she and her husband were in a fight and he was coming after her. She was arrested in the parking lot when she exited the garage, surrounded by police with guns drawn.

She was brought to the Braintree police department where she was being booked and suddenly per direct order of Chief Polio, the booking process was ordered to stop. The Braintree Officers were inexplicably ordered to release Amy to the custody of her parents.

We know the circumstances of what happened in the kitchen show inconsistancies between Amy’s and Judith’s statements in the Massachusetts State Police REPORT

This story is getting stranger by the minute.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse has a “duh” moment: “If Amy Bishop had turned out to be right-wing or conservative [or even to watch Fox News once in a while — NCT] we’d never hear the end of it.” Love this comment:

Man in cammies with “assault rifle” goes on a rampage and the lefttards heads explode. They rage against the Second Amenment. They rage against murderous Conservatives. The want to ban guns, ban people who own guns, and ban any speech about guns. Hell, they want to ban anyone who does not agree with them.

Stereotypical frumpy looking progressive activist professor goes on a rampage and not a word about her activism, socialistic ideas, or revolutionary thought. Not a word about banning guns- except on campus. Not a word against banning progressive activists.

Bill Ayers and his wife- both professors- are forgiven their sins because they contribute to the common good. Bobby Rush and Luis Guiterrez, urban terrorists, are allowed to stay in Congress. Murderous sins forgiven. They are the heroes of the revolution. The darlings of the left.

Yeah, the left is just full of hypocrisy and full of bovine excrement.

Via the same comments section, speaking of nutjobs, Gore Vidal compares Timothy McVeigh to Paul Revere. You can’t make this stuff up.

UPDATE 2: More at Spitfire Murphy: Delahunt suddenly “remembers” the case, blames the police. And Instapundit has a Tea Party angle:

IRA STOLL: The New York Times on the Tea Party Movement. “The whole thing is sad; that the Times seems unable to give a reasonably sympathetic hearing to Americans mad at Wall Street, Washington, Republicans and Democrats but instead travels to Idaho to interview and emphasize what it depicts as a particularly strange group of them.”

It’s as if they made Amy Bishop a representative of Obama supporters. But they’d never do that, because it wouldn’t fit the narrative would be an unfair “smear.”

UPDATE: Reader Stephen Clark writes:

Tea Partiers might rejoice in the hope that this really does reflect the view of the NY Times readership. The Times coverage of this and other political developments has merely kept its readership uninformed and unprepared. Perhaps it’s best to view the Times as providing comfort similar to that provided by the ship’s orchestra for passengers on the sinking Titanic.

But less heroically . . . .

6 thoughts on “Amy Bishop update: U. of Alabama shooter terrorized neighbors, tried to rob car dealership

  1. The closer a look I get at professor Amy Bishop, the more I’m convinced her brother actually shot and killed the real ‘Amy Bishop’ in the 1980s and assumed her identity by dressing up (poorly) in drag, wearing a Moe Howard wig and introducing herself as ‘Amy’ ever since….

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