“The Worst President in History” eBook now Available for Pre-Order!

I thought for a while that the long-awaited “Worst President In History” was going to be released in 2030 or so as an 18-volume box set, but here it is. The Kindle edition is briefly on preorder for just $0.99! Pay this steal price now and get the eBook automatically delivered on July 2!

The Worst President in History

A couple of days ago the eBook of The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama was made available for pre-orders on Amazon.com for a special low price of 99 cents.

It has been an exciting couple of days, and we’ve seen lots pre-orders being made, and, as a result, some impressive rankings on Amazon. We broke into the top 5,000 ebooks overall, and had some impressive rankings in various book categories as well, particularly in the Biographies of US Presidents category:


Not only did we make it into the top four for that category, our book was the number one “Hot New Release” for the category!


Both the eBook and the paperback will be available for sale in July. So, if you’re waiting for the paperback, sign up here to be alerted when you can get a copy. If you’re a Kindle owner, we…

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Nine Key Takeaways from Brexit

“Keep calm and head for the exits”.

International Liberty

What an amazing vote. The people of the United Kingdom defied the supposed experts, rejected a fear-based campaign by advocates of the status quo, and declared their independence from the European Union.

Here are some takeaway thoughts on this startling development.

1. The UK has voted to leave a sinking ship. Because of unfavorable demographics and a dirigiste economic model, the European Union has a very grim future.

2. Brexit is a vote against centralization, bureaucratization, and harmonization. It also is a victory for more growth, though the amount of additional long-run growth will depend on whether the UK government seizes the opportunity for lower taxes, less red tape, and a smaller burden of government.

3. President Obama once again fired blanks. Whether it was his failed attempt early in his presidency to get the Olympic Games in Chicago or his feckless attempt in his final year to…

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$0.99 promotion through the Fathers Day weekend: “On Different Strings”

Good morning y’all: my debut novel, On Different Strings, is still on $0.99 promotion on Kindle through the Fathers Day weekend, then I’ll take it back to $2.99. And yes, it has crossover appeal with nods to several non-romance genres, and was written with both male and female readers in mind. Highlights from two reviews:

[…]I’m not usually a big fan of the Romance genre. This book is just different… I knew I would give this story a very high rating, because I realized how badly I wanted the[ protagonists] to succeed, though it seemed impossible.[…]

[…]An interesting twist on the classic May-November romance and both lead characters are wonderful. The main [antagonist] comes across as both believable and sympathetic… This book is a great example of how you can write a scorching romantic story without explicit sex.[…]

Try it, you might like it 🙂

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Yet another Jetset Climate Conference – in San Diego

I will know it’s serious when they start holding global warming conferences by video rather than by jet travel…

Watts Up With That?

Green Pass Nobody seems to mind, if a “Green” clocks up a lot of air miles.

Guest Essay by Eric Worrall

These things are proliferating, going viral somehow – the American Association for the Advancement of Science just hosted an international climate conference in San Diego.

Geophysicist Peter Ward, who worked for the U.S. Geological Survey for nearly three decades, discussed warming global temperatures during his Wednesday session.

“There’s a very interesting correlation between warming and volcanism at the end of the last ice age,” Ward said.

He said the past two years of record warmth can be attributed to more than greenhouse gases. Ward blames ozone depletion caused by the Bardarbunga volcano eruption in Iceland in September 2014.

“It was the biggest flow of basalt that’s been observed since 1783,” Ward said. “Now that’s good news, because if it’s Baroarbunga that’s causing the warming, next year we can expect it to…

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Debut novel, “On Different Strings”

My debut novel, “On Different Strings”, was just released on Amazon. The eBook is available for $2.99 (Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free), while a paperback version will be released soon.

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Amazon summary:

Guitar virtuoso Amy Ziegler ekes out a precarious living as a teaching assistant in the Mays College music department. One day a mysterious older student shows up: Ian Keenan, an engineering professor and closet songwriter. Opposites attract, and music is the language of the spirit.

Each is passionate about music, and each has been deeply wounded in love. Thus a weird yet wonderful friendship grows between the reserved English academic and the outgoing small-town Texan girl who grew up in poverty. Each secretly starts yearning for more, but the world has other ideas. Soon they become caught in a maelstrom between rivals, exes, their own pasts, activists, and campus bureaucrats. Will the rapids tear them apart, or will love and sanity prevail?

Multi-genre author extraordinary Sarah A. Hoyt and her “huns and hoydens” have a lot to answer for, as it was they who first gave me the courage to try my hand at fiction. The good people at the CLFA were also very generous with practical tips and valuable insights.

I greatly enjoyed learning the mechanics of storytelling “on the job” through writing this topsy-turvy student-teacher romance, then polishing it with the kind assistance of two excellent editors and a beta reader. If you love music and/or are familiar with academia, you may enjoy reading it. Note that no Kindle device is required: Kindle book reader apps exist for all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), as well as for both Windows and Macintosh. The browser-based Kindle Cloud Reader is available as a last resort.