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I started publishing fiction in mid-2016.

Alternate history

Operation Flash (Valkyrie 1943 timeline)

In our timeline, on March 21, 1943, a courageous general staff intelligence officer, who had been assigned as the Nazi top’s private guide to an exhibition of captured Red Army equipment, attempted to blow himself up with them — but failed.
What if he had succeeded? The “hard alternate history” series Operation Flash explores that timeline. (The plotters’ real-life contingency plan was called “Case Flash”, hence the named of the series.)

Episode One: Knight’s Gambit Accepted

Killing Hitler and his chief underlings turns out to be the easy part…

Episode Two: Hinges Of Fate

Civil war tears Germany asunder while unimaginable crimes come to light…

Episode Three: Spring Awakening

Behind crisis beckons opportunity, as the Emergency Reich Government faces enemies at its gates — and within its gates.

Reviewer praise for the series:

“Unlike many such works, there is no drop-off from one to book to the next. Each is filled with an incredible level of detail about the historical characters and conditions. I’m hard-pressed to think of another alternate history that matches this one, perhaps only the early Turtledove series on the Civil War…. beyond that, the plot and story is engrossing and believable.”

“Okay, I know it’s fiction. But reading it makes you realize how readily twisted are the threads of circumstance and fate, and this version could very easily have been what actually happened. Mr. Arbel’s mingling of historical players with fictional ones is seamless, and made all the more real by his use of actual military AND political ranks and titles. You can “hear” Churchill saying the dialogue in this book, for example. It’s obvious that long hours of careful research went into this writing.”

“A great nation finds its soul. Very well-written, densely accurate but completely readable. Author gets a lot of facts and history out there without getting in the way of a ripping good story.”

“The book reads like Arbel lived in Berlin and London in 1943 and was an insider in the German Intelligence Office’s plot to kill Hitler, and in Churchill’s inner circle. It’s like he personally knew the dozens of people who surrounded them, as well as a few ordinary Germans and British who fate chanced to play roles in the story.

I read this first chapter and the second non-stop today. I’ll be waiting for the next installment to read as soon as it is released..”


Other fiction

Debut novel (mid-2016)

My debut novel, “On Different Strings”, has been termed a “Genre-busting love story” (Bookhorde review). It is available on Amazon for Kindle (US$2.99, free with Kindle Unlimited) as well as in paperback format (US$10.28). Amazon blurb:

Guitar virtuoso Amy Ziegler ekes out a precarious living as a teaching assistant in the Mays College music department. One day a mysterious older student shows up: Ian Keenan, an engineering professor and closet songwriter. Opposites attract, and music is the language of the spirit.
Each is passionate about music, and each has been deeply wounded in love. Thus a weird yet wonderful friendship grows between the reserved English academic and the outgoing small-town Texan girl who grew up in poverty. Each secretly starts yearning for more, but the world has other ideas. Soon they become caught in a maelstrom between rivals, exes, their own pasts, activists, and campus bureaucrats. Will the rapids tear them apart, or will love and sanity prevail?

 Shorter fiction

Veronica “Ronnie” Zielinski, a librarian in the Chicago suburbs, has always dreamed of writing but never dared pursue her dream since the needs of others have always seemed to come first…until one winter, when a mysterious new library patron opens her eyes and changes her life, with some help from the romantic sci-fi classic “Komarr” by Lois McMaster Bujold….

My short historical “docudrama” piece, “The Tenth Righteous Man”, opens this anthology of fifteen freedom-themed short stories. It can be read in its entirety by clicking “Free Preview” above. From the Amazon blurb:

From the members and associates of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA) comes Freedom’s Light, a collection of short fiction that celebrates the human yearning for liberty. These stories will extol the value of human rights and the sacrifices of those who defend those rights. This collection features works from a wide variety of genres and a diverse set of authors, including Hugo Award nominee Brad R. Torgersen and 2016 Dragon Award winner Nick Cole. Freedom’s Light will entertain us and elevate the humanity we all share.


Net proceeds from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending liberty, freedom of speech, due process, academic freedom, legal equality, and freedom of conscience on America’s college campuses. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of all of the contributing authors, nor of the organization(s) designated as the recipient(s) of the publication’s proceeds.

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