About SSC

Spin“, “strangeness“, and “charm” are three quantum numbers of elementary particles.

Yet this is not a particle physics blog, even though you may expect science & technology posts here.

“Spin” also refers to media spin, political spin, media bias. Much of the coverage here will be on current affairs.

“Strangeness” is also what we see around us in these troubled times.

And “Charm” is also something that, at times, makes life worth living. Expect some coverage of psychology (from a rational perspective), of music, of poetry, and even some spirituality. (For at least one of us, the lines between these can be quite blurry.)

Twin mottos of this blog:

“Once you can sincerely say: ‘I don’t know’ then it becomes possible to get at the truth.” (Robert A. Heinlein, “The cat who walks through walls”.)

“Dear G-d: lead me in the company of those who seek truth and spare me from those who have found it.” (attributed to André Gide)

Many kudos to Zombie for coming up with the blog name!


  1. You’re quoting Heinlein! (I’m swooning……) Nice looking blog!

  2. Very nice blog you have here. Thanks for stopping by Spitfire Murphy. I am adding SSC to the blogroll.



    • Thanks a lot! I just reciprocated on the blogroll :-)

      All the best

  3. My socks are truly rocked. Thank you for this fabulous egghead brainiac heart-throbbing blog. :-) (this is the symbol for the giant pendulum that shows the movement of the Earth at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago)

  4. Oops: you cutie-pied, and thus thwarted, my pendulum symbol.

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