The InsaneStream Media



In today’s “the MSM is worse than you thought possible” news, one media outlet is caught on tape plotting to tie Joe Miller to child molesters, while another “forgets” to run Christine O’Donnell’s big 30-minute ad… twice. The day before the election.

Reality truly is stranger than fiction sometimes — if you wrote this kind of media bias into a script people would tell you it was too crazy to believe. And yet it happened.

Truth is stranger than fiction. And, where the nexus between “mainstream” media and political corruption is concerned, it’s worse than would be considered believable in fiction.

Remember Muggeridge’s Law: “there is no way that a writer of fiction can compete with real life for its pure absurdity”. Also the Third Law of Sociodynamics: the absolute moral nadir cannot be reached in a finite number of steps. So no matter how low the media have gotten, they can (sadly) still get lower. The Insty story is just a case in point.

Remember tomorrow, folks. Don’t get cocky. If it ain’t close, cheating won’t matter — or it would have to be so massive that the perp can never get away with it.

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