Robomonkey: Grand Theft Democracy, Parts 2, 3, 4, …

Robomonkey is doing a yeoman’s job of the efforts this year to enfranchise such constituencies as the undead, the illegals, and the plain fictitious. Chicago Style politics gone nationwide.

Grand Theft Democracy, Part Two And the stories keep rolling in…In Alaska, the state Supreme Court blocked a lower court’s ruling and rewrote the state’s election rules at the eleventh hour in order to help write-in candidate Lisa Murkiewhatsit split the Republican vote.In California, Barbara “call me Senator” Boxer “encouraged Los Angeles teachers to offer their students extra credit if they volunteer for her campaign”; this is, of course, in violation of California law … Read much more in “Grand Theft Democracy, Part Two”

A taste of Part Three:

  • in Yuma County, Arizona, the GOP has found that one in four last minute voter registration requests are bogus, which is on top of the “hundreds, if not thousands” of fake registrations already found.[…]California‘s Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may have violated campaign finance laws by making threats against left-wing groups if they didn’t spend more money and go on the air more in defense of the indefensible Democrats.

And a taste of Part Four:

[…] Anti-fraud groups in Minnesota sued over the ban on wearing “Please I.D. Me” buttons into polling places, given that “these buttons are not about any specific political candidate, party or ballot question” and therefore the ban “is outside state law and a clear violation of our First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.”[…] In Missourififteen counties have more registered voters than it has (according to the Census) people eighteen and older. (That’s up from 2008, when there were only twelve Missouri counties with greater than 100% voter registration.)

While the leftists in and out of media continue to deny that any fraud is happening, former Representative Dick Armey (R-TX) claims thatthree percent of Democratic voters are dead people: “I’m tired of people being Republican all their lives and then changing parties when they die.”


UPDATE: This sickening story from Minnesota (via Instapundit). A party that resorts to these kinds of stratagems deserves to lose.

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