US Elections 2020: three videos worth seeing.

First, there’s Sky News Australia, saying “something stinks to high heaven in the US”. The presenter is convinced voting was rigged.

The second video has Tim Pool — a liberal, but a sharp commentator, who’s disaffected by the current D party and by “wokebaggery” — exploring the implications of the downticket races, where Trump had “coattails like a winner” (Instapundit). One that I had completely overlooked: the upcoming 2021 redistricting, where the GOP controlling so many state houses (and actually adding some!) will have significant consequences.

The third is the one and only Victor Davis Hanson, being interviewed by former deputy PM of Australia John Anderson AO, about developments in the US. Insightful and deep as always.

2 thoughts on “US Elections 2020: three videos worth seeing.

  1. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on why Bibi was in such a hurry to acknowledge Biden as winner. It was possible, one imagines, to delay a week until the trend of the legal challenges became clear …
    More than 70 million of Israel’s staunchest American supporters saw a disheartening rush to kiss Biden’s, umm, ring. An unexpected and unseemly gesture of loyalty. One doubts the gesture will be reciprocated.

    • I understand he was under serious pressure to do so. One of the tropes against him in the local media is that he’s been jeopardizing the bipartisan character of US support for Israel by being so chummy with GOP politicians in general and Trump in particular. (Bibi and 0bama loathed each other, but apparently he got on fairly well with Biden then.)

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