Creeping delegitimization of Israel at UNESCO?

C2 contributor “buzzsawmonkey”, at comment #35 in this thread, sounds the alarm:

As you know, the other day UNESCO asked Israel to remove the “Cave of the Patriarchs” in Hebron from its list of national heritage sites.  This week is the week in which the Torah portion is read that details Abraham’s acquisition of the Cave of Machpelah--now referred to as “the Cave of the Patriarchs”–for an inordinate sum, for the purpose of burying his wife Sarah. It is the first Jewish acquisition of land, the first physical connection of permanence with the Land of Israel.

I do not believe that the timing was accidental.  In effect, the UN was making very plain its complete rejection of the the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel as its homeland. It is not unlike the “invitations to accept Islam” which our media continually misread as conciliatory overtures, but which in fact are last-opportunity conversion demands which precede a war, and as such are in fact declarations of war.

It is my belief that the UNESCO statement, which was largely dismissed as “Oh, the UN’s at it again,” was in fact a declaration of war on the existence of Israel as the Jewish homeland, and on the Jews as a “legitimate” people.

There is probably some really ugly tug-of-war going on beneath the surface. I hope buzz is wrong, but I fear he may be right.

BTW, if you want to read some truly mind-exploding cognitive dissonance among the academic elite gentry, have a look at this.