iPad: First impressions

The iPad contains no technology that did not previously exist. Yet, now having used oe for about a week, i am prepared to say it’s a game changer.

Biggest minus point for me: the virtual keyboard doesn’t have arrow keys, which makes editing text difficult unless you have very thin, delicate fingers. There is also the lack of Flash support, but i knew that going in.
Otherwise, it’s become my permanent sidekick. Use it for reading (iBooks as well as Stanza, which finally got updated for iPad support), browsing, note-taking,… Pretty much everything that doesn’t involve major writing and editing. And it’s a great music player too.

WordPress blogging mostly works: still cannot post on Correspondence Committee, owing to this site being coded in ASP.NET (yikes).

Battery life is more than adequate for my needs. And the most striking feature, perhaps, is how easily non-tech minded people take to the interface. (It’s quite a people magnet in public.)

Unpaid Apple commercial of the year

Norwegian PM, stranded at airport, runs country from his iPad:

Like thousands of other European travellers, Jens Stoltenberg has been unable to get home due to the cloud of volcanic ash filling the skies over Europe following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

He was in the US attending Barack Obama’s nuclear summit, but was unable to fly home afterwards – like in the UK, all planes in Norway are currently grounded. ‘Due to the delays, I’ll be working from New York,’ Norwegian newspapers reported him as saying.

And now a picture from the official Prime Minister’s Office Flickr stream show’s how he’s working – on a newly purchased iPad. Which is the kind of publicity you can’t buy, frankly, not that Apple really need it.

Of course, the Norwegian prime minister isn’t the only one delayed in reaching Europe – even when he does make it back, he’ll still arrive before the iPad officially does, after Apple pushed back its international release by a month. Although we don’t think that was because of a volcano.

Picture from Statsministerens kontor (Prime Minister’s office) on Flickr, under a Creative Commons licence .

There was probably some poetic license involved here. I’d imagine that typing a kajillion Emails on a virtual keyboard on a touchscreen would get stale really fast. Still, if no “real” computer is available, it’s a heck of a lot better than nothing.