Iowahawk on the Elena Kagan nomination


While some progress has been made, the ongoing disgraceful treatment of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan shows we still have far to go before Harvard A[-]holes finally assume their rightful place in American society: as its wise, beneficent and undisputed rulers.

Snort. And that’s just the beginning.

Tribal Pesach edition

Via Israel Matzav, from Caroline Glick’s Hebrew-language site (“lama she titatzben levad?”, i.e., “Why should you get irritated by yourself?”) here is the Pesach Edition of the satirical news program “Mahadurat Shevet”, in Hebrew with English subtitles.

The title is a Hebrew pun: “Madurat Shevet” means “Tribal bonfire” (i.e., which the tribe gathers around), while “Mahadura” means “edition”.

A happy Easter to Christian readers, and a continued happy Passover to my fellow Jews.