US-Israel spat: two opposing analyses

Concerning the recent US-Israel spat over recent Israeli building permits in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo (a.k.a. Shuafat Ridge) here are two opposing analyses.

Cal Thomas upbraids the 0bama administration for “having made America Israel’s new enemy”.

On the other hand, Daniel Pipes, no fan of 0bama himself, argues that it is a manufactured dispute over a trifle, calculated to divert attention from (behind-the-scenes-agreement on) more important matters.

We link, you decide. Obviously, I hope and pray that Pipes (generally a very astute analyst) is right, but I fear it might be Thomas.

Are Jews about to leave the Democratic plantation?

Following the bizarre overreaction of the 0bama administration to Israel announcing construction in a neighborhood in its own capital city, Roger Simon wonders if the love affair between Jews and the Democratic Party might finally be ending.

Relatedly, Jennifer Rubin notes unprecedented condemnations by both ADL and AIPAC.

See Israel Matzav for extensive further coverage (just keep scrolling) — Carl himself lives in the neighborhood concerned (Reches Shuafat/Ramat Shlomo), I believe.