Today in history: April 19, 1943: start of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Passover is the day when Jews celebrate their release from Pharaoh’s bondage in Egypt. There have been many more Pharaohs in later history, and the most infamous of them had a habit of carrying out “Aktione” on Jewish holidays in order to capture the maximum number of Jews at synagogue or the home (out of hiding).

Today is the 1st day of Passover (15 Nisan on the Jewish calendar). Exactly 67 years ago on the secular calendar (19 April 1943), and exactly as many years plus one day ago on the Hebrew calendar (14 Nisan 5703), the Nazis (y”sh) has planned a major “Aktion” to empty out what was left of the Warsaw Ghetto. To their surprise, they were suddenly faced with an armed revolt: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising had begun. Below are two videoclips about it:

As we face new Pharaohs — aided and abetted by self-described “progressives” who seem to find common cause with the most reactionary forces imaginable — let me share with you a song by David Draiman (the Jewish frontman of heavy metal band Disturbed) about precisely this.

Have a wonderful Passover. And NEVER AGAIN indeed.

Passover video: Metallica, “Creeping Death”

What I am doing (re)posting a Metallica video in honor of Passover? Well, in the Seder we remember, among many events, the Ten Plagues of Egypt that led Pharaoh to let our people go.

The Tenth Plague is of course the death of the firstborn sons (makkat bekhorot – plague of the firstborn – in Hebrew).  See Parashat Bo (Exodus 10:1–13:16) for the Biblical narrative.

This is the subject matter of one of Metallica’s signature songs, “Creeping Death”, from Ride the Lightning. The band wrote the song (with which they often opened concerts) after viewing the movie “The Ten Commandments”.

Several people on YouTube have combined  edited footage from the movie with the audio from the studio track. Here are two examples:

Happy Passover

Chag cheruteinu kasher ve’sameach

Next year in Jerusalem!