Unintentional self-beclowning of the day

Uniontentional self-beclowning of the day:

(And yes, I know competition is very tough in that department)

Via Conservative in the Closet, here it is:

A Kuwaiti singer, Ima Shaha, sang the Hebrew song “Hava Nagila” at a recent concert – much to the consternation, and condemnation, of many in the country. The 28 year old singer said that she wasn’t fully aware of the meaning of the words, but rejected charges that the song contained an “insult” to Arabs, and that it was simply a song that called for peace and co-existence.

Kuwaiti government officials and Muslim leaders have rejected her position, saying that she was introducing “Zionist values” in the country, and that her use of Hebrew in a Muslim country was in itself an insult to Islam.

OK, just so we understand, what do the lyrics of “Hava Nagila” mean?

“Come and let us rejoice, rejoice and be happy

Let us sing and be happy

Wake up brothers, wake up brothers!

Wake up brothers, with a happy heart”

Yes, but of course there must be raaaaacist Zionist “code words” and “dog whistles” hiding here. Maybe freshwater fishes, malamutes, stoats and weasels can help the Arabs out in finding them 😉

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