Earth Day video: Camel, “Never let go”

“Never let go” was the first track recorded by 1970s progressive rock band Camel, and has been a staple of their live set ever since. Below is footage of a 1973 concert performance, synced to the audio of the studio recording. (The mock-flute solo in the middle, which was almost certainly played on a Mellotron, would not sound anywhere like this on the Hammond organ which is being played in the film.)

The anti-ecodoom message of the lyrics could be read as a back-handed tribute to Earth Day.

Crazy preachers of our doom
Telling us there is no room.
Not enough for all mankind
And the seas of time are running dry.
Don’t they know it’s a lie…

Man is born with the will to survive,
He’ll not take no for an answer.
He will get by, somehow he’ll try,
He won’t take no, never let go, no…