COVID19 update, June 21, 2020: Current understanding of clinical features; vitamin D finally hitting the UK media

Very briefly after a long workday.

Dr. John Campbell summarizes our current understanding of clinical features:



And again Dr. John Campbell on vitamin D finally hitting the media in the UK



Finally, a brief video from the Israeli news channel (in Hebrew) about the latest COVID19 testing facility coming online, set up by the human genetics company with a Chinese partner (a spokesperson of whom speaking briefly in English). Located in the central town of Petach Tikva, it can process 10,000 samples per day in batches of 96.

ADDENDUM: seems New Zealand’s claim of having eradicated the virus (with an official count of zero active cases) was a little premature. (Via Instapundit.)

And (hat tip: Erik W.) The Gold Opinion, a blogger who is both an emergency physician and  a lawyer, on how hydroxychloroquine became a political football, not just in the political arena but (sadly) in medical journals. Read the whole thing.