I need brain bleach

… after reading and viewing Zombie’s latest photo-reportage on a San Francisco “anti-war” rally. Does anybody know where I can buy brain bleach wholesale?

But seriously, go and have a look, but don’t eat first and keep throwable objects away from hands’ reach. The most interesting part, of course, is the Konvergence of Kooks — the amalgamation of extremist-“left” and extremist-“right” kookery into one unsavory, if often unintentionally humorous, stew.

The ehcuoRaL whackjobs were there too, complete with pictures depicting 0bama with the world’s most infamous mustache. But since there are no Tea Partiers anywhere in sight that can be blamed, don’t expect the dinosaur media to cover this.

Ringo the Gringo (site appears to be down) has another photo reportage in the same vein.