World pundits finally starting to see 0bamateur for what he is

Whew. Finally one can call 0bama incompetent without automatically being called “raaaaacist”, as the inept handling of the oil spill (his Katrina moment) and the following “Potemkin cleanup” have made him lose some of his most stalwart supporters.

Liberal German news magazine Der Spiegel rounds up commentaries in the German press. Most representative: a left-leaning newspaper’s editorial wonders if 0bama is the Jimmy Carter of the 21st century. Insty actually thinks this would be a best-case scenario at this stage.

US News and World Report editor Mort Zuckerman, who endorsed 0bama at election time, now writes a devastating indictment of his standing in the world: World Sees Obama as Incompetent and Amateur.

Charles Krauthammer is, of course, in “I told you so” mode.

And Michael Barone, in discussing the lack of success of various spin and marketing initiatives of the Dems, brings up this hilarious metaphor

It reminds me of the old story about the advertising agency and the dog food. The best ads in the world failed to increase sales of the dog food. So they sent a market researcher in and found the reason: The dogs didn’t like the dog food.

Expert marketing can make people buy mediocre products over good ones. However, if a product truly stinks,no amount of clever marketing will help. And that is the situations the Dems, and the New Class generally, now find themselves in. Some genuinely feel that they have been sold a bill of goods: others may only have cared about one of their own having the reins of power again, but now realize he is becoming a millstone around their necks. Eventually, even the Chicago machine that brought us the 0bamateur in the first place may come around to this view.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl twitters that, incredibly, stimulus funds were used to build a parkway named for… Obama .

UPDATE 2: Mark Steyn: Even His Supporters Are Noticing: Obama Never Fails To Disappoint (h/t: LeatherPenguin’s twitter feed)