Outrage of the day

The administrators of Martin Luther King high school in Berkeley, CA think an antisemitic rap ‘artist’ and a borderline Shoah denier are appropriate lecturers for its pupils. Somewhere in Georgia, a generator is being hooked up to the grave of MLK junior, as it started spontaneously rotating at 6,000 rpm. (MLK: “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.”)

And you wonder why you couldn’t pay me enough to go live in CA again, but especially not in the Bay Area.

The article also notes that CNN’s Anderson Cooper does his best to live up to the name of Contemptible News Network, with (this time around) a PC-based defense of segregated education.

Looking around, Mar. 4

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Domestic violence lobbyist shoots husband young enough to be her son

Has the SPLC now truly and finally jumped the shark?

Street riots in Berkeley, CA over tuition hikes.

Must-read: Victor Davis Hanson, “Dronism”, about how California got to where it is now. I can’t do it justice by selective quoting.