And all for the want of a Hallmark card

Conservative in the Closet has an amusing piece on the importance many women (excluding herself and Mrs. F2) ascribe to holiday, birthday, and anniversary cards.

It all boils down to three simple words that will ensure that you don’t sleep in the dog house after “special” days like birthdays, Valentine’s Day and your anniversary: Get the card.

It sounds so simple, but I now realize how much heartache can be saved by encouraging men to make sure that no matter what they plan for their wife/girlfriend, to take into consideration that she may be one of the 99% of women who will still say “where’s the card” – even after the most spectacular gift or festivities.

I first heard these words of wisdom on the radio from a gregarious business reporter. In his unmistakably brash, Italian American, New York accent he explained how he had planned a romantic weekend for his wife in Ottawa. He booked a suite at the Chateau Laurier hotel, he got tickets to some gallery even though he hates art. He bought chocolates and snagged a table at a trendy restaurant and even arranged for a babysitter for their one child for the entire weekend.

As they were checking out of the hotel, his wife looked at him with tears in her eyes and said: where’s the card?

As ridiculous as it sounds – her weekend was devastated by the lack of a card.

Allow me an off-the-wall analogy: he prepared the house for the Sabbath and lit candles, but forgot to say the bracha? 🙂 (After all, the Sabbath is metaphorically descibed as a bride, and a greeting card is a cartis bracha in modern Hebrew…)

Mardi Gras floats mocking 0bama

I guess the infatuation of Germans with Narcissus Rex is officially over now, as this report from a Mardi Gras parade in Düsseldorf (in German) shows:

The shirt says “0bama the Redeemer”. The link to the picture was found in the comments at this post on the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, which had this float:

Mardi Gras has become a celebration of vice before forty days of, well, supposed virtue. It’s one of those fun curiosities about the culturally Christian world: People eat and drink gluttonously as a sort of religious observance.

One of the ways vice is simultaneously vilified and celebrated is on the floats that parade through New Orleans, filled with masked people who throw beads and toys to the passersby. In one parade this year, spectators enjoy a hilarious twenty-float lineup of what one might call winners of the Greatest Vices of the Year: Senator Edwards, Senator Vitter, and Governor Sanford are spotlighted on a lust-themed float as “Politicians Gone Wild!”; New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Na[g]in is painted “asleep at the wheel,” accused of negligence and bad time management on a sloth-themed float; and Bernard Madoff appears on a pyramid as “Pharaoh Made-off” on a greed-themed float that describes him as “the modern-day Judas who was traitor to his own tribe for only 20 million pieces of silver.”

Among these scandalous float figures is President Barack Obama.

On a pride-themed float called “Experiment of His Own Power,” Obama is compared to “The Proud One” of Dante’s Inferno, posing with his Nobel Peace Prize medal, next to several other representations of him—along with Oscar and Heisman Trophy awards, he appears as a five-star general, president of General Motors, and as the “healthcare-expert” Surgeon General—all engulfed by the flames of hell.

[…] In related news… […] a majority of Americans believe that Barack Obama does not deserve a second term.

Neologism: “nom de bloguerre”

Over at C2, we had a discussion about Facebook, and I blurted out in passing that I did not do Facebook, neither under my real name nor under my “nom de bloguerre”.

“kenneth” and “Lucius Septimius” on the thread seemed to like this spur-of-the-moment neologism. It is really a portmanteau word of “nom de blog” (an established derivative of “nom de plume”, i.e., pen name) and “nom de guerre” (battle name). The main reason why the portmanteau works so well in this case is that “bloguerre” sounds like how a Frenchman would mispronounce “blogger” 🙂

I was sure many others had beaten me to it, but a Google search only revealed three hits on “nom de bloguerre”….

In case you are wondering why I have two “noms de bloguerre”: on C2 I registered as Finally Free, which I picked after joining the Lizard Diaspora. But after I registered this blog, it turned out there already was a “Finally Free” on, with a Christian-themed blog. Thus I became “New Class Traitor”, itself a portmanteau of “New Class” and “class traitor“.