Looking around, Bach baptism day edition

Today is March 23. On March 23. 1685 in Eisenach, the youngest son of town piper Johann Ambrosius Bach was baptized into the Lutheran faith and given the name Johann Sebastian Bach. [Like the other “Johann Somename Bach”s in his family, he would go by his middle name “Sebastian” with family and close friends.]

Image from ekd.de, the website of the Evangelical [Lutheran] Church of Germany

Lots of goings on in the world (and here). A few highlights:

• the much-ballyhooed Trump indictment did not take place, likely because (whatever your personal feelings about DJT) the case was built on quicksand by the Soros stooge box-ticker A-hole Bragg. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/03/22/breaking-trump-grand-jury-session-abruptly-canceled-n1680507

Below is a Monty Python-voiceover take on it (via Insty).

• the DEI tool at Stanford who took the side of a clique of extremist wokebag students in shouting down a visiting conservative judge, and actually ended up berating him (an invited speaker!) for six minutes, has apparently been suspended. My favorite solution would be to eliminate her position altogether https://ringsideatthereckoning.substack.com/p/the-aftermath-at-stanford-law

• so now some derpseals have decided that drinking coffee is racist. Growing up, the joke about old-school Dutch Calvinists was that everything that tastes good was sinful. (Belgians, whose national cuisine is basically the folksier version of French cuisine, used to blame “terrible” Dutch food on that.) But even the straw-Calvinists of the joke had nothing on the humorless neo-Puritans of today https://instapundit.com/575242/

I cannot repeat it often enough: greenism and wokeism are G-dless religions, just like Communism and National Socialism were.

• speaking of which, a bipartisan bill banning so-called ESG (Environmentalist Socialist Garbage) investment of pension funds has been vetoed by Abu Hunter Biden (or rather, whoever is pulling the strings of that marionette) https://wng.org/opinions/what-the-esg-veto-makes-clear-1679486817

• today will be a massive day of national protest here in Israel, including a strike at the universities (hence I’m at home — will go accompany Mrs. Arbel to a recording session later). For extensive coverage, go to the Times of Israel home page (http://www.times of Israel.com) —- I can’t read Haaretz without anti-emetics, and the JPOST has become a shadow of its old self.

The G-dforsaken “judicial appointments bill” which would effectively give the government power to appoint its own pet judges to the Supreme Court is being subjected to a typical Israeli-style filibuster: opposition MKs have submitted something like 5,300 reservations and amendments. In principle, each of which is accorded a certain amount of discussion and voting time: even though (controversially) the Judicial Committee has been ‘batching’ such amendments, it looks like they won’t finish until next week, where any amendments retained (thus far, two) will be brought to a vote in the plenum. Captains of industry, the chiefs of all five retail banks, … all are sounding the alarm.

It is increasingly clear to me that Netanyahu is no longer in control of his coalition or the situation: pyromaniacs like Shmuckrich, Itamar the Kachsucker, and now Orit Struck[-in-the-head] seem to be engaged in a game of competitive craziness, causing one international embarrassment after another and requiring Netanyahu to spend much of his time on damage control.

In fact, he has been prohibited from dealing directly with the “judicial reform” because of conflict of interest (given the corruption cases against him). I suspect that his personal position is not that different from my own: some reform of the judicial system is overdue, but the extremist “lapdogification” package pushed by Yariv “azijnpisser” Levin et al. Is a cure ten times worse than the disease.

And, public rhetoric aside, I am not even sure that all the massive domestic and international pushback against the “reform” is all that unwelcome to Netanyahu.

Ending this post with the intersection of (the lighter side of) J. S. Bach and the now supposedly “racist” caffeinated beverage.


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