Pre-Yom Kippur quick takes

(A) Via Instapundit, on the anniversary of “Let’s Go Brandon!”, the unraveling of the Biden bubatron [=puppet show] continues. Bonchie thinks “Dr. Jill Biden” is pushing her shell of a husband to continue — is she the regent, in an Edith Wilson redux moment?

[ADDENDUM: don’t miss Miranda Devine’s take.

If the Jerusalem Post were still running the old feature “Teshuvah [=repentance]: The Ten Neediest Cases”, Ron Klain, Merrick Garland, et al. Would deserve pride of place for foisting this embarrassment on the US and on the world.

Though it is quite likely that he will be “25th Amendment”ed after the midterms — at which point, Kackala might make us nostalgic for even Biden.]

(B) Democrats for De Santis?

(C) Manufacturing consent the “big tech” way. Beyond despicable.

In related news, FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) comes out against censorship by payment processors. Ronald Reagan used to quip that the 11th Commandment was “thou shalt not speak evil of a fellow Republican”; the 12th Commandment of the Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP, and of libertarians more broadly, is that one must never criticize the policies of “private enterprise”, even when they are monopolistic or oligopolistic behemoths deep in bed with Big Government.

Also a related must-read: “they own the science and want to control how your access information about it”. As a scientist myself, I am utterly revolted.

And with that, I will sign off ahead of Yom Kippur, the annual day of fasting and soul-searching ordained in the Bible. “And you shall afflict your souls”.

Have an easy fast if you observe it, and may you be signed and sealed in the Book of Life.


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