Fighting imaginary fascists: what Putin and the woke Brahmandarins have in common

On the surface, they seem to have very little in common:

on the one hand, hard authoritarian Putin and his oligarchy of siloviki (security apparatus head honchos who edged out the billionaires), who loudly professes his belief in traditional values and scoffs at some Western cultural pathologies like the gender ideology;…

On the other hand, the billionaires running Big Tech and other transnational corporations, and the clerisy of academia and the media world, denigrating nationalism and glorifying “global citizen” transnationalism, demonizing the majority population while holding up the most dysfunctional bad examples of minorities as saints, relentlessly pushing an agenda of hedonism and the selfsame gender ideology;…

They would at first seem to be polar opposites, right?

In style and emphasis, perhaps. But in substance?

They are both looking to set up neo-feudal systems with themselves at the top, with a willing clerisy as enforcers looking to ‘cancel’ anyone who isn’t down with the program.

Both greatly benefit the feudal lieges at the top (cf. Orwell’s “Inner Party”), somewhat benefit those staffing the clerisy and enforcement apparatus (cf. Orwell’s Outer Party), and fornicate over the vast majority of their “Proles” — aside from this or that mascot group that is temporarily useful to their regimes.

And since neither is able to substantially and durably deliver the goods to the Proles (except the illusion thereof, in the alleged fashion of Prince Gregory Potemkin), the one thing both have to do to legitimize their rule is find some “fascist” or “Nazi” monster that they are supposedly fighting.

In the case of Vlad Puttanesca, it’s the laughable pretense that Ukraine needs to be ‘liberated’ from drug-addled Nazis, thus making anyone questioning the wisdom of this delusional war an ally of National Socialism (FFS, no!)

In the case of the Biden-Harris marionette show and of EUrocrats like Ursula von der Leyen, it’s declaring anyone not down with their green-left feudal agenda a “semi-fascist” and “right-wing extremist” — to the point that one day, voters will vote in the real thing (because of ‘I may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb’, or because they will no longer be able to distinguish between sheepdogs being libeled as wolves, and an actual wolf).

Once the world knew a struggle to the death between two murderous totalitarian systems that claimed to be each other’s opposites, but were truly two competing brands of the same evil – one brand based on ancestry, the other on class.

Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. Thus, Karl Marx once wrote that history occurs twice — once as tragedy, the second time as farce.

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