Rosh HaShana musical delight: Angela Hewitt concert featuring Bach, Mozart, Chopin

Angela Hewitt has been so associated with her Bach performances — some people call her “the female Glenn Gould” — that some people are unaware she actually has a very broad repertoire reaching from French Baroque composers like Couperin into the 20th Century. (So did, incidentally, her fellow Canadian Glenn Gould — although he was famously dismissive of Mozart, Chopin, and much of Beethoven, and his oldest repertoire was the English Orlando Gibbons and the Dutch Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.)

In a very recent concert at Wigmore Hall in London, Ms. Hewitt shared some of that repertoire, and the foundation running the hall was kind enough to post a high-resolution video of the entire concert on YouTube.

Have a wonderful, sweet, and fulfilling Jewish New Year 5783!


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