FBI seized Trump’s passports; Mar-A-Lago board game; Afghanistan one year after

(a) Tim Pool reports that the FBI, during their bizarre search at Mar-A-Lago, they confiscated three passports.

Apparently, passports can be seized without a warrant if the subject is deemed a “flight risk”.

So was this a fishing expedition, where under the pretext of looking for “missing” archival material they were looking for something, anything, that could be used in the Congressional J6 show trial?

Or, as Tim speculates (not in these words), “poisoning the well” for the November midterms — “don’t vote for the people Trump endorsed, he’s a spy, because FBI raid”.

Or is it a distraction from the Biden bubatron‘s ever more disastrous imploding (p)residency?

How about “all of the above”?

Victor Davis Hanson, normally quite measured, speaks of “Soviet tactics to crush political opponents”, and adds:


We’re afraid in the short-term, but in long-term they believe they’re morally superior to America and therefore any means necessary or justifiable for their morally superior ends. Right now, we don’t have the rule of law in Washington.

Will these tactics backfire, as people will identify with Trump’s quote: “They’re not after me but after you — I’m just in the way”.

(b) Humor is the best defense? Seen on Facebook:

Garvey Russ2d  

It may be hot outside, but it’s not too early to think about Christmas. Here’s a great gift idea for the kids. The official Mar-A-Lago FBI Raid Set comes complete with dozens of secret places to hide classified documents, plus over 30 FBI agent action-figures to kick in doors & plant incriminating evidence, and 12 news reporters to get the story wrong…… It’s both historical & educational.

(c) And meanwhile, one year after the beyond-pitiful, beyond-shameful, beyond-shambolic withdrawal from Afghanistan, AP reports at length on how people are hungrier than ever… without even once mentioning the five-letter word “Biden”. AntiDemocrat Party [AP] operatives with party bylines.

(d) And via NotTheBee, a very interesting sign of the times.

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