Must-hear: Gad Saad on what the FBI raid on Trump’s home says about the West

There’s a lot to unpack, but if you don’t have 17 minutes to listen to Gad Saad (as usual with him, it’s more a “podcast where you can see the speaker” than an actual video) let me paraphrase the gist of his argument:

One of the reasons the West got as far as it did was the separation of religion and state. (Gad Saad, a childhood refugee from the Lebanese civil war, has his own very personal experience and perspective on that.)

But another one, a mainstay of democracies, is the separation wall between ideology (g-dless religion, if you like) on the one hand, and on the other hand the judiciary, the medical profession, academia,… and the other institutions that make up our society.

In its obsessive determination to retain power at all costs, the US left (and, to greater or lesser extent, its peers in other Western countries) is tearing down these walls left, right, and center. But when the judiciary has been turned into enforcers for the apparat, the medical profession places wokeness and “racial justice” over competence, academia trades the pursuit of knowledge and understanding for indoctrination into a g-dless religion, and for neo-sophist verbal power games… Ultimately, democracy will die, unless this process is stopped.

On a personal note: we can only hope, with the pig’s breakfast that the Brahmandarin neo-feudal gentry is turning things into everywhere on blatant display for all to see (and feel in their wallets and homes), there will be a fierce backlash that will sweep them out of power for at least a generation.

3 thoughts on “Must-hear: Gad Saad on what the FBI raid on Trump’s home says about the West

  1. It may be “on display for all to see”, but that’s of no help when 40% of the onlookers are wilfully blind

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