Here, there, everywhere: Russia withdraws from Snake Island; SCOTUS sets a limit on the encroachment of the EPA and the admin state more broadly; November 1 elections in Israel

On the road again, so this will be brief.

(A) Russia announced “mission accomplished, withdrawn troops as a goodwill measure” from Snake Island, which dominates entry and exit routes to the Black Sea port of Odessa. This sounds like classic “vranyo” for domestic consumption (freely: a lie that your audience pretends to believe). Vodkapundit looks at claims and counterclaims.

At any rate, whoever controls Snake Island can choose (not) to interdict grain shipments out of Odessa, so this is a big deal in the larger scheme of things

(B) the US Supreme Court of course famously issued a 6-3 opinion restraining the EPA from environmentalcase (sic) dictatorship.

(C) Meanwhile in Israel, the Knesset finally voted to disperse itself ahead of new elections on November 1. Foreign affairs minister Yair Lapid was sworn in as acting prime minister of a caretaker cabinet, until such time after the elections as a governmental coalition has been assembled.

In a related (and mildly shocking) turn of events, outgoing PM Naftali Bennett announced his retirement from politics, basically saying he had done all he could in that arena. He turned the leadership of his party over to his secular #2, Ayelet Shaked.

ADDENDUM: Powerline on the latest insane proposal: abolish the Supreme Court (because it won’t allow the Brahmandarin left to run roughshod over law and jurisprudence for new “emergencies” declared every Monday and Thursday).

And that’s without the bonus beclowning of the Palace Guard Media hailing KBJ as “the first Black Supreme Court Justice”, forgetting not just about conservative Clarence Thomas but about the real first, the liberal Thurgood Marshall. Guys, seriously, this is beyond amateur hour.

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