Sabbath musical delight: “Journey to Ithaka”, documentary about Vangelis

After I posted my brief obituary for the electronic music legend, Mrs. Arbel and I found the entire 2-hour documentary “Journey to Ithaka” on YouTube. It is fascinating viewing (and listening). Here it is.

And if you want something briefer, here is a little-known gem from the otherwise somewhat regrettable “Oceanic” album, the elegiac piano piece “Memories of Blue” (not to be confused with the better-known “Memories of Green” from the Blade Runner soundtrack).

Have a nice weekend and Shabbat shalo m

3 thoughts on “Sabbath musical delight: “Journey to Ithaka”, documentary about Vangelis

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m aware at least one Powerline regular is a classic prog-rock fan.

      BTW, I was rather amused by his references to “the Moog catnip” in the middle of Firth of Fifth. (There is a synth break just before the iconic lyrical guitar solo.) Tony Banks was very much an ARP man, not a Moog man. In those days, his lead synth was a monophonic ARP Pro Soloist, which had not only a bunch of good present sounds (from brass to woodwind to an eerie Theremin-like thing he used on “Entangled”) you can quickly toggle, but had a touch-sensitive keyboard and other performance features. For harmonies he used either his Hammond or a Mellotron with strings and choir tapes.
      I’ve actually been looking for a used Pro Soloist in playable condition…

    • Addition/correction to my previous reply: Tony did get a Polymoog around the time of the Wind and Wuthering album. Unlike the Minimoog (let alone the big modular thing) you *can* flip some presets to quickly change sounds between sections of a song. When the Prophet 5 and its dual-keyboard version the Prophet 10 came out (which allowed storing patches), Tony pretty much immediately got them.

      Yup, I’m a bit of a vintage keyboards geek 😉

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