COVID19 micro-update, September 22, 2021: India and home care kits. Also: RIP Prof Angelo Codevilla

(A) Dr. John Campbell reports on India. After a grueling delta wave (which we used to call the Indian variant, after all) their case numbers, and especially their mortality, have now receded.

Only about 14% of people are vaccinated there (presumably mostly with AstraZeneca, developed for places where an ultracold supply chain is impossible). One approach the local governments in the various states (he highlights Goa and Uttar Pradesh) have taken is to send home care kits to everyone who tests positive.

These include thermometers, cheap pulse oximeters (that one we’ve been doing since May last year) for early warning about severe cases, vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements, and… much-maligned ivermectin. (India ignores the ‘helpful’ advice coming out of the WHO — which appears to be perceived there as doing the bidding of Emperor Xi.)

They also include doxycycline in their kits, but that appears to be primarily as prophylaxis for secondary bacterial pneumonia.

Correlation is not causation, and data collection there is of course problematic, But I agree with Dr. Campbell that what we’re seeing there should be food for thought.

(B) Bari Weiss on her Substack blog has several guests expressing their views on vaccination mandates, ranging from reluctantly pro to fiercely anti. I link, you decide. (I’ve made my own position clear: I have been and am outspokenly pro-vaccination, but believe that mandates do more harm than good, compared to a well-run voluntary drive coupled with transparency.)

Good on Bari, at any rate, to have an actual reasoned debate. No wonder they had to pester her out at the New York Slimes.

(C) will this cause another abrupt 180 degree turn? Insty is referencing Henry Kissinger’s famous quip about the Iran-Iraq War. And of course the Babylon Bee is having a field day.

(D) On a completely (?) unrelated note, RIP Prof. Angelo Codevilla. Here is a quite enlightening (if critical) interview with the political scientist. His essay on America’s Ruling Class and Country Class (later expanded into book form) is still one of the most incisive things I’ve read about US society.

Here is a lecture at Hillsdale College. May his memory be blessed.

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