COVID19 mini-update, September 12, 2021: Biden’s vexatious vaccination mandate trial balloon

(1) About the progress of our booster campaign: stay tuned for updates. Our propagation factor R has been lower than one (indicating the epidemic is decaying) for several days now, but our statistics could be skewed because of the Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) holiday and the attendant reporting delays. Severe cases are hovering about a plateau, but at this point the 10% or so unvaccinated people represent the overwhelming majority of severe cases in hospital (and for the most severe cases, those on ECMO, 90%).

(2) Ynet (in Hebrew) interviewed Prof. Yosef “Yossi” Caraco, head of the clinical pharmacology unit at Hadassah Hospital, on promising results in a phase II trial with molnupiravir, a new oral broad-spectrum antiviral developed by MSD (Merck Sharp and Dohme) that also appears to be pretty effective against mild and moderate COVID19. He wants to recruit a large number of unvaccinated volunteers for a phase III trial. “We have to change our treatment paradigm. Severe patients don’t start out as severe patients. We need a way to stop mild and moderate cases from getting severe.”

(3) Dr. John Campbell has lots to say about zinc supplementation: note that this is for general immune boosting, not just COVID. [Full disclosure: I’ve been on zinc supplements for a year and a half now because of COVID, and my recurrent skin infections have basically disappeared.]

(4) And now… [suppresses stream of unprintable Dutch, French, German, and Hebrew] for Biden’s Vexatious VaccinationTM “mandate”. Here are my two cents (or seven agorot) worth.

Look, I am about as pro-vaccination as they come. Like Ben Shapiro, I have for many months been telling everybody I knew to get their shots, and have shared and am sharing all I know or learned about the relevant science to the best of my ability. [*]

That said, I regard FICUS Biden’s attempt (or trial balloon?) to ram through a vaccination mandate as, in no particular order, Asinine, Bullying, Counterproductive, probably unconstitutional (I defer to Insty here, who is after all a constitutional law professor), and certainly vexatious.

There’s an old piece of military wisdom: an officer or NCO should never give an order that they know won’t be obeyed. This rule has a corollary of sorts in civilian life: never force people to do something they are tolerably willing to do voluntarily if asked.

There is no need for 99.94% vaccination coverage: all you need on an epidemiological level is for the total percentage of people to be either recovered or properly vaccinated to exceed the herd immunity threshold.

The essentially wall-to-wall support[**] that Israel’s vaccination effort has rests in no small measure on two pillars: (a) it is voluntary (even, as I learned to my surprise, in the medical sector!); (b) the health authorities (led by active medical people rather than professional pen-pushers) have been consistently up-front with us and shared what they knew, including what they knew they don’t know. A lesser but significant factor, that is a corollary of the second: careful screening of risk patients.

Biden, with his consistent Mierdas Touch [***], manages to turn everything he touches into merde/mierdas/gavno/Scheisse/chara. Or is it his handlers/puppetteers?

A number of cynical observers wonder if the Biden regime is trying to deflect attention from the total fustercluck in Afghanistan (and everything else that’s going pear-shaped domestically) by trying to fan the flames of a conflict between “safety” and “freedom”.

And of course, this cartoon draws itself.

What the heck were you ‘thinking’, Biden puppeteers? And if you were actively trying to discredit vaccinations, you couldn’t be doing a better job. Congratulations. Matt Margolis will have to replace with [incidentally, meaning “Biden sausage” in Dutch]…

Likewise from

ADDENDUM: Insty links to a collection of “Buck Joe Fiden” chants at college football games.

[*] While my own research is in physical chemistry (or chemical physics, take your pick), I have a working knowledge of the molecular biology and medicine relevant to COVID, which is why I took this blogging ‘beat’ upon myself.

[**] in the “general [population] sector”, i.e., everyone other than chareidim and Arabs, over 90% of adults are vaccinated This is the graph including these more recalcitrant sectors:

[***] To the best of my knowledge, first coined by Sarah Hoyt.

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