Marco Rubio schools Senate about Cuba protests; the 3rd player in the Ben & Jerry‘s fracas

(1) must-see video: Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), himself born to Cuban refugees, schools the Senate on what things are really like in Cuba, and of all the stronzeria being peddled by the regime to ‘justify’ themselves.

(2) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Ben & Jerry’s, who’ve never encountered a regressive “progressive” cause they wouldn’t go a-wh*ring after, now decided they will not market their product in the “Palestinian” “Occupied” Territories anymore.

Minister Orna Barbivai posted a video of her taking the B&J out of her freeezer and throwing it in the trash. However, there are three players other than Israel in this game:

* the wokebags of the “independent” B&J board of directors, whose leadership wanted to boycott the entire country;

* the CEO of B&J’s owners, food multinational Unilever’, who as a ‘compromise’ came up with the new policy;

* the CEO of the Israeli franchisee, who manufactures the stuff locally at a plant in Yavne. Avi Zinger, the CEO, refuses point-blank to stop selling in the disputed territories, and calls on the Israeli public to continue to patronize what is effectively a local business. [He has meanwhile been told by the wokebags that his franchise will not be renewed when it comes up for renewal at the end of 2022, and that they will sell “alternative distribution” options. ]

Israellycool has more. We had a somewhat similar story years ago with Partner Communications, the local concessionary for the Orange cellular provider. After the latter’ s CEO got into hot water publicly disparaging our country, Partner basically told Orange, “if you don’t want us anymore, release us from our franchise contract.” This happened, and Orange Israel rebranded as Partner Israel, none the worse for wear.

Likewise, Ben & Jerry’s Israel probably should simply rebrand, source ingredients independently, and use their own recipes. They have the know-how and the distribution network, and Israel’s customers are likely to reward them for their backbone.

Meanwhile, outside Israel, backlash is starting. YNet interviews the CEO of New York’s largest supermarket chain, who’s relegated the brand to the dog house: the questions are in Hebrew but he answers in English.

But the Free Beacon has the scoop (ahem) on B&J’s new and improved flavors.

Update: heh (via Jacki B.; Aaron S.)

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