The oligarchy’s worst nightmare: an alliance of left-populists and right-populists

(1) Former Australian deputy PM John Anderson interviews Matt Taibbi, late of Rolling Stone, about the polarization of US media.

Taibbi is a liberal whom I probably would disagree with better than 70% of the time, but he still believes journalism should be about reporting the facts rather than a narrative, which put him at loggerheads with the Brahmandarin propagandists with bylinesadvocacy journalists. Hence, he’s on Substack these days rather than with a big-name byline.

Taibbi cut his teeth reporting from the former USSR, which may have been good preparation for what is going on now.

His comparison of the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative about Trump with the search for WMDs in Iraq certainly didn’t endear him with the apparatchiks, or his fellow liberals more generally. Not to mention his calling out their kowtowing to the ChiComs. Which brings me to the second item:

(2) “The founding elite vs. the current elite.” The author identifies as the worst nightmare of the “elitists” — the group I call the Brahmandarins, Thomas Sowell calls the Anointed, and Joel Kotkin calls the neo-feudalists and the clerisy:

left-populists and right-populists setting aside their differences to unite against the Brahmandarins.

They can defeat either group in detail but not the coalition of both, and hence have to prevent them, at all cost, from uniting.

So how best to divide the opposition? Become strange bedfellows with the only party willing and able to go all the way to crony socialism: the Democrats and their DIE cult. [Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Equity, a.k.a., Discrimination-in-reverse, Iniquity, and Exclusion]

As noted previously, the Democratic Party’s powerbrokers aren’t democratic. Despite their professed concern for the downtrodden, today’s Democratic Party leaders hold that such “concern” can only be exercised by a top-down administrative monolith governed by a ruling elite who arbitrarily and capriciously dole out patronage and privileges and redistribute wealth to expand and perpetuate their power. The current elite—the vast majority of whom already identify with them and participate in the scheme—could find no better partner than the Democrats’ powerbrokers onto which to graft themselves in the pursuit of transforming our republic into “our oligarchy.”

Further, offering public paeans and sacrifices to the DIE cult by trashing “systemically racist” America, notably the founding elite, the current elite can pretend they are better than their predecessors—a narrative the corrupt media is more than happy to propagate. And, having denigrated and canceled the past, the current elite will have no bar to measure their promises of creating a more “diverse, inclusive, and equitable”—though not more free, equal, and just—nation and world. 

For instance, how “equitable”—let alone free—can the current elites’ desired nation be when they engage diplomatically and do business with genocidal Communist China? The current elite is cynical, not stupid. Thus, they self-righteously condemn America’s past slavery to distract from the fact they will not condemn the Beijing regime’s state policies of genocide, slave labor, and totalitarianism. 

It is just common sense, however cruel: the current elite must prevent Left- and Right- populists from combining and devising and implementing the means to bring elites to heel[…] In defiance of both parties’ populist movements, one witnesses the incestuous marriage of America’s current elite and the Democratic Party’s power brokers in the temple of the DIE cult. You weren’t invited. But they expect you to visit the registry and send a gift—or else.

3 thoughts on “The oligarchy’s worst nightmare: an alliance of left-populists and right-populists

  1. left-populists and right-populists setting aside their differences to unite against the Brahmandarins.

    This has definitely happened to the UK with Brexit, plenty of reaching across the aisles on the leave side.

    And it may now be happening with the Transgender crap. A lot of more traditional lefties, particularly feminists, are finding that the people that ally with them are the evil traditionalist Christian sorts that they used to protest against because they objected to parts of the feminist creed.

    Of course in the UK it is complicated by the fact that (parts of) the governing Tory party are anti-Brahmandarins too

  2. Early into the Tea Party days, I observed that a populist, good government-based movement might be a viable basis for a third party alternative to Dems and Pubs. Republicans jumped way more quickly into the movement than did Dems. I believe the Dems held back because of the (false) narrative that the Tea Party movement was racist. The leftist media obediently pushed the false narrative, and was mostly successful in keeping their losses down.

  3. ‘Of course in the UK it is complicated by the fact that (parts of) the governing Tory party are anti-Brahmandarins too’. Let’s be specific here: the entire top tier of the Tory party, plus those who wish to enter that top tier, Brahmandarins to a man. There are parts of the Tory electorate who are not, but vast parts of it that are Brahmandarin cheerleaders/useful idiots. Most of the anti-Brahmandarin majority in Britain are ex-UKIP voters, non-political people, ex-Labour Party and a smallish contingent of Tory voters.

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