News of the weird: Israeli couple seeks Jewish divorce over… wild boars?!

This sounds like a skit from a Jewish comedy, but… no, it is not a joke. The Jerusalem Post reports:

A married couple from Haifa are planning on getting a divorce, after wild boars infiltrated their private garden. The couple seems to disagree about the proper way of addressing the issue, and it just might cost them their marriage. The husband, in his 40s, has been married to his wife for 17 years, according to N12. Recently, he sent his wife a warning letter through an attorney, claiming that she has been avoiding dealing with the boars entering their garden and that he fears for his life.”I’m afraid of them attacking me,” the husband told N12. “They have already attacked people in the city. It’s a life-threatening situation,” he clarified. 

In the letter, the husband mentions that his wife encourages the boars to roam freely in their private garden. “She lets them come in and feeds them. It’s really bizarre,” he noted. He had even called professionals to help keep the boars away, but his wife opposed the idea. 

His wife, in turn, told N12 that she likes the wild boars, adding that if her husband insists on keeping them away – he is welcome to stay away himself, and has since filed for a divorce. 

The first time ever I saw wild boars here was when driving on a nearly empty highway during the first COVID lockdown — when jackals and wolves could also be spotted.

They always had a habitat in the Carmel range where Ḥaifa is located, but of late they have become a common enough sight in the city region that suburban residents on walks have started carrying sticks, and (on an amusing note) a local rugby club renamed itself the Haifa Wild Boars. Last June, a student one-upped “the dog ate my homework” with “wild boars ate my homework“.

Historically, the city would allow hunters to cull the boars, but the leftist mayor who was eected in 2018 has banned the practice.

While I’ve always found pigs cute (there is something very human about them), I know quite well what damage a wild boar can wreak.

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