March 19: Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

A few months ago, Mark Felton made a 3-part series about the uprising, which I am reposting below.

As explained in the Times of Israel today, some American Jews actually thought the uprising was “fake news”: an incident staged by the Nazis (y”sh) as a pretext for razing and/or extermination the ghetto. (They were presumably thinking of the Gleiwitz incident, where SS dressed up in Polish uniforms ‘attacked’ a German radio station in that border town and left behind a few drugged concentration camp inmates as their ‘casualties’; the invasion of Poland started hours later as a ‘response’ to this ‘provocation’.) However, the National Socialists were going to ‘liquidate’ the ghetto regardless and saw no need for a manufactured pretext. The uprising was quite real.

It was David Weber, I believe, who wondered how many of the famous last stands in history were fought by people who simply couldn’t make themselves do anything else. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a case in point.

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