COVID19 mini-update, April 5, 2021: Dr. Campbell on the UK ‘single-shot first’ vaccination campaign and its effects; miscellaneous updates

(1) It appears that getting a single Pfizer shot after recovering from COVID19 gives about the same protection level as an uninfected person getting the two-dose regime:

Ebinger, J.E., Fert-Bober, J., Printsev, I. et al. Antibody responses to the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in individuals previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. Nat Med(2021).

(2) An Israeli study shows that people who are infected with COVID (asymptomatic or otherwise) despite a single vaccine shot are much less efficient ‘spreaders’ than unvaccinated infected people.

Levine-Tiefenbrun, M., Yelin, I., Katz, R. et al. Initial report of decreased SARS-CoV-2 viral load after inoculation with the BNT162b2 vaccine. Nat Med (2021).

(For a popular write-up, see the Jerusalem Post.) See also this preliminary report concerning effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine when living with aCOVID-positive related.

(3) As reported in the Times of Israel and elsewhere, Hebrew U. microbiologist, Prof. Michal Linial, guesstimates that protection by the Pfizer jabs will be “at least one year, possibly two years”. This is, of course, impossible to prove except by observation. A colleague pointed out, however, that Pfizer’s followup from their clinical trials must approach one year for some of the subjects. (The trials having been published, the vaccine vs. placebo information can be “un-blinded”.)

(4) According to the Ministry of Health COVID19 dashboard, deaths, new severe cases, and total severe cases in hospital are all way down from their peak: we saw just 3 (three) dead yesterday (lowest level since June), compared to almost 80 at the peak of the 3rd wave. Just 16 new severe cases were hospitalized yesterday, compared to a few hundred at the peak of the wave.

(5) Dr. John Campbell reports at length from the UK, the large(r) country that has the highest percentage of (partial vaccinees. Note that the UK made the choice to give first jabs (and hence partial protection) to as many people as possible, reaching 59% of the total population and over 90% of the most vulnerable age groups. The 7-day average of daily deaths have dropped from over 1,200 on January 22 to the thirties (a drop by a factor of forty).

Consequently, UK PM Boris Johnson today is laying out the roadmap for exit from restrictions. All in all, this looks like a success for the controversial “single shots first” strategy.

Incidentally, Dr. Campbell points out that isolated cases of blood clots among Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccinees seem to occur primarily in younger women taking oral contraceptives.

ADDENDUM: lots of COVID interactive data visualizations about the UK here:

Attempt to embed one graph:

2 thoughts on “COVID19 mini-update, April 5, 2021: Dr. Campbell on the UK ‘single-shot first’ vaccination campaign and its effects; miscellaneous updates

  1. Three deaths yesterday? Sixteen new hospitalizations?
    In which location? In the entire UK?
    Even if it was one country, it would still be remarkable…

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