Video of the month: Bari Weiss in dialogue with the Hoover Institute “Goodfellows” on “The Great Awokening”

Watch the whole thing

Seriously, watch the whole thing, if you’re only going to watch one extended video about the culture wars in the US. Note that Bari Weiss (born in 1984!) does not speak from a conservative perspective: she herself says “by rights, I should be a member in good standing of the progressive left”. This makes her indictment of wokeism more trenchant than that of yet another traditional conservative or libertarian.

Among the three goodfellows, all of whom are interesting, Harvard historian Niall Ferguson puts in very thoughtful responses.

5 thoughts on “Video of the month: Bari Weiss in dialogue with the Hoover Institute “Goodfellows” on “The Great Awokening”

  1. Sorry, off topic, but if you get back to Covid issues, I saw this interesting comment at a blog.
    “WHO now says the COVID PCR test with any amplification cycle count above 35 is entirely invalid. Most (all?) COVID PCR tests have been done at 40 cycles. It’s all BS.”
    The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

    • It would be way better to report the cycle count at which a positive result is obtained than just “+” or “-“. If you get “N=22”, say, you know for sure it’s not BS; if you get “N=36”, say, chances are very high it’s a false positive. There was a study in Nevada with statistics of cycle counts in symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID19-positive cases: IIRC, the symptomatic ones had N in the mid-20s and asymptomatic around 30.

      • Yes, thanks. The significance of the PCR controversy being that the alarming “number of cases” could be entirely invalid. Similarly, the “number of deaths” could be skewed (significantly?) higher. As we know, there have been many reported instances of “death from Covid” which subsequently turned out to be “death with Covid”.

        It may also be the case that the high cycle count positive results only boosts the “mild symptom” case count without invalidating other statistics.

  2. one of the keys allowing all of this to take place was the debasing of “peer review” in ALL areas of academia. from the “dog park papers” to “climategate”, examples abound where the “experts” were allowed to further their narrative without having to pass their own tests.

  3. Bari Weiss notes that it’s the officials, executives, administrators at the Universities who are folding like tents before this tsunami of illiberalism, totalitarianism, bullying, however you can name it.

    This is nothing new. It goes right back to the mid-60s, when the University grandees were equally tentlike in the face of violent ‘occupations’ by radical mobs with their non-negotiable demands. It should have been stopped then by said Universities enforcing their own rules. They didn’t do so, but instead grunted and quacked in support of the super-moral superiority of the rioters, while the ‘news’ media acted as promotional agencies, and even then turned their scorn on police who tried to resist the violent demolition of civil behavior. Civilization is now sixty years behind the times in affirming civil behavior, and now we must face formidable opposition from the monopolists of social media to any attempt to organize and obtain leadership for such affirmation.

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