Forget going ‘woke’: it is time to get ‘awake’

We are being bombarded from all sides with ‘woke’ theories about the USA (and by extension, Western civilization) being founded on oppression, about the continuing existence of systemic racism, and the like.

These are being used to justify policies that effectively are not so much ‘anti-racist’ as ‘reverse racist’. As Instapundit quipped today, today’s “anti-racism” is to racism what antimatter is to matter: same mass, reversed sign on the charges.

All of this is being defended by a woke inquisition that ‘cancels’ people with a zeal the Holy Office of yore could not have matched. I can’t keep up anymore with everybody to the right of Marx who has been ‘canceled’ (George Orwell would have called it ‘unpersoned’).  In fact, this has reached the point where even a hardcore liberal like Sarah Silverman is getting fed up with the zealotry and has quit the “Democraptastic” party.

“As foretold in the prophecy”, this is beginning to cause a backlash on the right — and a resurgence of the very thing the ‘anti-racists’ claim to be fighting, as alt-right ideas like Identitarianism start taking root in a small but growing number of people.

Both sides are asleep to the real story. It’s time to awaken. This is the real story: the coming of neo-feudalism.

The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class

Following a remarkable epoch of greater dispersion of wealth and opportunity, we are inexorably returning towards a more feudal era marked by greater concentration of wealth and property, reduced upward mobility, demographic stagnation, and increased dogmatism. If the last seventy years saw a massive expansion of the middle class, not only in America but in much of the developed world, today that class is declining and a new, more hierarchical society is emerging.

The new class structure resembles that of Medieval times. At the apex of the new order are two classes—a reborn clerical elite, the clerisy, which dominates the upper part of the professional ranks, universities, media and culture, and a new aristocracy led by tech oligarchs with unprecedented wealth and growing control of information. These two classes correspond to the old French First and Second Estates.

Below these two classes lies what was once called the Third Estate. This includes the yeomanry, which is made up largely of small businesspeople, minor property owners, skilled workers and private-sector oriented professionals. Ascendant for much of modern history, this class is in decline while those below them, the new Serfs, grow in numbers—a vast, expanding property-less population.

from the blurb of Joel Kotkin’s book

This neo-peerage will have — actually, already has — all of the sense of entitlement of the old peerage, and alas none of its sense of noblesse oblige.

I am the furthest thing from a conspiracy theorist — but I do not believe it is an accident that extreme “antimatter racism” has been amped up to 11 in the past several years, inevitably giving impetus to its nominal antithesis. The neo-oligarchic agenda cannot succeed, I believe, without setting brother against brother. Both the extreme wokeocrats and their nominal antithesis are part of this, in a mutually reinforcing folie à deux.

A small, but growing number of people on the left are waking up to this, and are realizing who the real common enemy is. Whatever else they and the populist right might disagree about, on this matter we have common ground. Because it is game over for both of us if the neo-peerage attains its goals.

Forget going woke: it is time to wake up.

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