Derp-seal of the week: author of bizarre state law proposition to “regulate” internet communication

Again. so much competition for that title, but the extra “special” award goes to a CO state senator named Kerry Donovan, who appears to think the average citizen has the cognitive skills of the cattle she is ranching.

This is the actual summary of State Bill 21-132

The bill creates the digital communications division (division) and the digital communications commission (commission) within the department of regulatory agencies. On an annual basis and for a reasonable fee determined by the commission, the division shall register digital communications platforms, which are certain communications-oriented online businesses, such as social media platforms or media-sharing platforms, that conduct business in Colorado or own or operate services that are offered to Colorado residents. A digital communications platform that fails to register with the division commits a class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 for each day that the violation continues.

The division shall investigate and the commission may hold hearings on claims filed with the division alleging that a digital communications platform has allowed a person to engage in one or more unfair or discriminatory digital communications practices on the platform, which practices:

*Include practices that promote hate speech; undermine election integrity; disseminate intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news; or authorize, encourage, or carry out violations of users’ privacy; and

*May include business, political, or social practices that are conducted in a manner that a person aggrieved by the practices can demonstrate are unfair or discriminatory to the aggrieved person. Such practices, if done in an unfair or discriminatory manner, might include:

*Practices that target users for purposes of collecting and disseminating users’ personal data, including users’ sensitive data;

*Profiling users based on their personal data collected;

*Selling or authorizing others to use users’ personal data to provide location-based advertising or targeted advertising; or

* Using facial recognition software and other tracking technology.

Quite aside from the self-contradictory character of the law, does the derpseal proposing this have even half a clue how the Internet works?

Under her law, if I wanted to take an internet platform down, I could [have a sock puppet] plant messages condemning the Hugo-nominated “novel” by Chuck Tingle, “Space Raptor B*** Invasion”, and then claim the site discriminates against man-on-dinosaur lovers. I’m sure you could come up with about twenty other ways to punk this asinine law in the next five minutes.

Is she actually this dumb or is she this contemptuous of her voters’ intelligence?

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