Loonbat libel of the week, CPAC dog whistle edition [UPDATED]

I don’t know what’s stronger in this one, paranoia or Goebbelsian ‘big lie’. But the inaugural Loonbat Libel of the Week goes to Alyssa Milano, who has ‘discovered’ that the logo of CPAC resembles “a white nationalist” symbol, or something.

Yeah, a five-pointed star with one point replaced by the letters CPAC totally looks like the Odal rune (ᛟ).[*] (Update: a commenter points out the reference was probably to the arrangement of the catwalks, which I hadn’t even noticed and probably nobody present there did. I’ve seen carrels in an Israeli university library arranged in groups of four in a pattern that from above looked like, well,… a symbol that for sure they did not intend to display.)

Seriously, this is at the derpitude level of the South African cops in Tom Sharpe’s (RIP) hilarious Apartheid satire, “Riotous Assembly“: that family must be communists and ANC sympathizers, because, you know, they have Red Riding Hood and Black Beauty in their bookcase. Or, closer to home, at the level of asking help identifying an unknown white nationalist symbol, which turned out to be… OK, not everybody is familiar with the Tennessee state flag.

It is indeed so that the Odal rune (ᛟ) with added ‘feet’ was used as a unit symbol by the 7th Waffen SS division, “Prinz Eugen”. It is also true that, in European countries where display of the swastika is a punishable offense, the Odal is employed as a substitute by some neo-Nazi or adjacent groups, and hence has entered the German list of “Verfassungsfeindlich” symbols (inimical to the constitution, in the sense of Paragraph 86a of the German penal code). Even Germany, though, (for obvious reasons hypervigilant about a resurgence of national socialism) makes an exception for the Bundeswehr, which to this day still uses the Odal as the rank badge for a Hauptfeldwebel (idiomatically: company sergeant-major).

But, as my friend “Wayne” pointed out: guess what resembles the Odal much more than the CPAC logo does?

I forgot who first said: if you are the only ones who can hear the dog whistle, chances are you’re the dog. Though I would never insult dogs by comparing them to the diseased, deranged hyenas making up these kinds of libels.

Let me tell you another reason why, as a “non-Aryan” student of history, I’m livid at the said hyenas. Specious accusations like that are creating an atmosphere where every warning about neo-national-socialism will get ignored like “the boy crying ‘wolf!'” — even when there really is a lupine at the door.

And the orgy of arrogance, incompetence, wild overreach, and vindictiveness that the “enlightened” left is currently indulging in may well end up as my worst nightmare… rehabilitating the very thing they claim to be fighting. [**]

UPDATE: well, well:

now, they’ve figured out who was behind building the stage. But it doesn’t exactly fit the liberals’ fevered conspiracy theories.

According to Forward, Design Foundry is a stage design firm from Hyattsville, Maryland. It said it “had no idea that the design resembled any symbol, nor was there any intention to create something that did.” They said the whole purpose was to provide the “best use of the space” given the “constraints of the ballroom and social distancing requirements.” Design Foundry has worked with CPAC for several years. But now CPAC spokesperson said they will no longer be working with the company, “It’s clear that the company we retained designed a stage that has become an unwelcome distraction.”

In addition to CPAC, Design Foundry has also worked with MSNBC and companies like Google, Citibank and Target.

But there’s another thing about the company that journalist Yashar Ali revealed – it’s a very pro-Biden firm.

[*] The actual meaning of the word “Odal” is something like ‘heritage’. There is even still a common law land ownership concept in Nordic countries called Odelsrett (right of odal), which also survives as Udal in the Shetland Islands, the Orkneys, and the Isle of Man. Freely, it refers to land that is publicly known to have been the property of a certain family for generations (but for which no written title or deed exists).

[**] But which they, actually, are just a competing brand of.

6 thoughts on “Loonbat libel of the week, CPAC dog whistle edition [UPDATED]

  1. Minor point of correction. I think the complaint regarded the layout of the stage/podium etc. Which does, more or less, resemble the odal rune if you crop the photo to cut off the side passages.

    If you don’t do that it looks like a diamond on top of a W which is not precisely a known white supremacist symbol (although maybe it is, maybe the W stands for White?)


  2. Also the shape is wrong the tails run strait as well as bending up so it not that symbol.

    • And… if “upside down” still qualifies… then the ‘peace’ symbol (which is actually the ‘death’ rune in a circle) is… equivalent to the ‘life’/’tree of life’ rune, which, guess what… has been used as a White Nationalist symbol 😉 There is literally no end to the gotchas if people want to play that game.

  3. To a certain segment of the population everything that Germany used as a symbol during WWII is a Nazi symbol, regardless of when the symbol was actually instituted or what it means. As an example, someone got all upset because my Dad has an Iron Cross from WWI in his collection, but it dates back decades further than that.

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