… and then they came for Baen

You may not be interested in the Gleichschaltung, but the Gleichschaltung is interested in you — as Instapundit keeps repeating.

Larry Correia blogs on the coordinated campaign to have Baen Publishers “canceled” for publishing unpersons who think doubleplusungood crimethink thoughts — hold that thought, for allowing some people who unbellyfeel ingsoc to post doubleplusungood crimethink thoughts on their fan forum Baen’s Bar. Larry and his readers deep-dive, and see that the ‘offending’ posts were made by what increasingly looks like recently joined trolls. I smell a whiff of Reichstag Fire here.

Note I’m not naive: as Larry Niven memorably put it, no cause is so noble that it won’t attract ‘fuggheads’. But if we are going to start shutting down every darling-of-the-left website where objectionable comments have been posted by some hothead or sh*t-stirrer, well… are they really willing to apply their own standards to themselves? (But of course. If standards are plusgood, double standards are doubleplusgood.)

We need an updated version of Martin Niemöller’s famous poem:

When Twitter blocked Donald Trump,
I kept silent,
— you know, I wasn’t a Trumper.

When Amazon locked out Parler,
I kept silent,
— you know, I wasn’t a Parler user.

When they came to cancel Baen,
I kept silent,
— you know, I wasn’t a Baen author.

When they canceled me,
there were none left
who could protest.

with apologies to Martin Niemöller

[German version following the original/Deutsche Fassung in Anlehnung an das Original:]

Als Twitter Donald Trump sperrte,
habe ich geschwiegen,
ich war ja kein Trumper.

Als Amazon Parler verbannte,
habe ich geschwiegen,
ich war ja kein Parler-Benützer.

Als sie Baen auslöschen möchten,
habe ich geschwiegen,
ich war ja kein Baen-Autor.

Als sie mich auslöschten,
gab es niemanden mehr,
der protestieren konnte.

Make no mistake. It may start with people you may not care for — but it will not end there. Do not give these wannabe tyrants an inch.

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