Biden: “I don’t know what I’m signing” is told “sign it anyway”?!

I did not know about this news source until this link was forwarded to me, and when I queried people I know about the site’s trustworthiness, several vouched for it.

Beware of confirmation bias, and beware of desinformatsiya. But if this is genuine… check the embedded video for yourselves.

Joe Biden said “I don’t know what I’m signing” on camera as he proceeded to sign an unknown executive order. In the video posted to BitChute, an unidentified person told him to “sign it anyways.”

D-io mio.

I must say: the stream of radical and frankly in part insane executive orders Biden’s been signing in recent days don’t sound like anything the Biden I knew would have stood for. Sure, you can say he’s on the payroll of the ChiComs (or simply, of the highest bidder) via Hunter. But while I can see him killing the Keystone Pipeline at the behest of foreign paymasters, some of the other stuff (critical reverse racism race theory, TG, etc.) is much harder to reconcile with this theory — and doesn’t look like Biden stuff, frankly.

Remember, he was rammed down the DNC primary electorate’s throat as the moderate, since he and avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders were the only two candidates to get serious traction — and Sanders couldn’t be suffered to win. An actual Socialist would either guarantee a Trump landslide in a fair general election, or if elected, would crimp the style of Big Tech and Big Finance corporate donors too much. So since neither other moderates, nor SJW candidates, seemed to have a chance, Biden it was, with help from poll punking superdelegates. His vapid VP/understudy couldn’t even get 2% of the primary electorate.

We learned quickly that the “unity” he was talking about really meant Gleichschaltung (literally, “synchronization” or “coordination” in German). Again, not really the old Biden.

Now there has been lots of talk about him losing his mental faculties. Calling him “a potted plant”, as certain bloggers have been known to do, is of course hyperbole. And he’s always been a walking, talking gaffe machine. But I cannot dispel the notion — having seen dementia from very close up — that he really is nisht mit Allen in (not all there anymore).

Him literally repeating the instructions on the prompter (“salute the Marines”) is merely cringeworthy. But if what was shown in this video is genuine, we are dealing with something else entirely, and “Big Uncle Joe” is just a marionette for his puppeteers. Big Tech/Big Finance oligarchs? Ideological crusaders? A coalition of both?

Mark my words, all reading this: whether you love or hate Trump (or do both at the same time), you will yet be nostalgic for him. Neither a one-party soft dictatorship, nor a hard-right regime emerging as a backlash against it, is something any sane person would care to live under.

PS: can anybody tell me why 5,000 National Guard in DC are needed until mid-March? A number of people are asking just what unpleasant surprises are in store that may get people to march on the Capital?

[An insider report from the deployed NG at Powerline]

I strongly suspect one reason might be the monstrosity known as HR-1, the proposed House resolution that seeks to (G-d forbid) make vote-by-fraudmail without safeguards the law of the land.

UPDATE: “Salute The Marines” video (h/t: Jolie L.). Dear G-d…

2 thoughts on “Biden: “I don’t know what I’m signing” is told “sign it anyway”?!

  1. Hard right reaction is currently sounding pretty wonderful to me. That isn’t a useful metric, because I’m exactly the kind of lunatic that has been floating proposals along those lines for years.

    Several other things here seem off to me.

    Pelosi, as Speaker, heads the Capital Police. Actions of the Capital Police tell us of the intent for a radical agenda, and let us strongly tie that intent to Pelosi. 1987 is when she first got into congress, and 1993 was motor voter. It seems like she has been waiting a long time for seniority and favorable conditions. I suspect the timing of now, versus ‘wait for more favorable conditions’, might be her sense of mortality.

    Clintons have been working towards something for years. By the time of Obama, Clintons had more or less managed to hollow out the Democratic Party. Eliminating both ideological dissent, and competent figures of national reputation that might’ve been competition. Note, HRC was a NY elector, so even if they have been pushed aside, they were still able to wrangle involvement.

    Biden was Obama’s VP, and Obama’s appointments have some interesting patterns. It is very unlikely that Obama would have picked a VP without a serious hidden character issue. (Currently, pedophilia is looking plausible as part of Biden’s issues.) If Obama is deeply involved, and his level of public involvement suggests so, Obama’s tastes do run to TG and CRT. Plus, we know Obama was a huge booster of BLM, which this cycle had merely a more extreme degree of its usual pattern.

    Biden was Obama’s VP, so his moderate credentials were always fraudulent. Biden could make sense as an Obama proxy. Furthermore, China might find TG and CRT, etc. useful within the US without believing any of it. (That insanity being the public school curriculum might be cause of US nationals being so poorly prepared for graduate school that many faculty see no alternative to doing business using international students, particularly from China.) PRC surely benefits from US environmentalist policies, and just as surely does have any illusions about seeing any benefit from those in China.

    That said, I figured big tech was pulling for China in the election since looking at Youtube last spring. There are plausible purely domestic explanations, but I’m seeing so little criticism of China from the left, and things line up so neatly, that China seems the possibility to disprove.

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