Dance on a volcano

Today, Donald J. Trump left Andrews Air Force Base for the last time. In his place will be installed, in a town that looks like it is under military siege, a man my writing mentor refers to as the FICUS (Fraud In Chief of the US).

No, I do not wish him ill. Corrupt as he is, Biden represents the moderate wing of a party that has increasingly become hostage to hard-left extremists. The man was never an intellectual, but the mental decay compared with even Biden in his VP role is very noticeable. If he were still in full possession of his mental powers, he might tell the vindictive hotheads in his own party to cool it. [And I would be praying daily for his health and welfare then — even if only as the lesser evil compared to the radical wing of the party.] Sadly, I believe he is completely the puppet of his handlers at this point.

Whether or not you support the man, it is undeniable that he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue under a cloud. It may theoretically [as a lifelong data cruncher, I find this nearly impossible to believe] be possible he won fair and square. But even if he did, it was a squeaker and hardly a sweeping mandate — which looks even weaker, if not nonexistent, considering the lackluster downticket performance of his party.

A pragmatic, astute practical politician would under those circumstances steer toward the middle, and avoid sweeping radical measures, even if they were largely symbolic in character. I could even see the Biden of yesteryear do this.

Alas, I believe that the zealots, would-be oligarchs from Big Tech and Big Finance, and all the other elements of the DINOcrat party are so intoxicated by their manufactured ‘victory’ that they will massively overreach — counting on willing allies in a media that would make the Pravda blush, and a Big Tech apparatus that seems to regard “1984” as a howto manual they intend to one-up, rather than a dystopian warning.

At any point in the past, when some overexcitable conservatives and libertarians predicted civil war in the US, my response was ‘pull the other one, it’s got bells’. Now, I am sad to say, I see this as a very real possibility if zealots prevail.

Instapundit , in his latest NYPost column which you should read in its entirety, puts it this way:

One promise of the Biden campaign was that after the craziness of the Trump years, electing the ex-veep would return the country to normal. Instead, Democrats are doubling down on crazy. It’s enough to make you wish for “smug and arrogant” — but sane.

Four years ago I blogged about Trump and the rage of the Brahmandarins – the half-elected, half-hereditary Nomenklatura caste that sees itself as entitled to the reins of power and authority by virtue of its soi-disant greater learning and intellect. For four years, the Vaishya [merchant caste] Trump filled positions in his administration, wherever he could, with people from non-Brahmandarin backgrounds (much as Margaret Thatcher preferred self-made men — many of them Jews — over Old Etonians in her cabinet). Trump’s record was mixed, and he fired many of the people he appointed — but to the Brahmandarins, actual performance mattered less than that Trump and those appointees were “not our kind, dear”.

I read some commentary pieces across the aisle. The sheer glee that “our kind of people” are again in charge is palpable. Tangible achievements are irrelevant: complete failures can ‘fail upward’ for having a trendy gender identity, and an Ed.D. that might have gotten a B as a course term paper at my alma mater ‘entitles’ the bearer to being addressed as ‘Doctor’. And do not get me started on Anthony Fauci. What matters is that you belong to the Nomenklatura — that is all. A full professor at MIT or Stanford may be accused of being ‘anti-science’ when (s)he opposes the pablum being spouted—never mind credentials, citation impact, and the like.

These people have the sense of entitlement of medieval feudal nobles, the decadence of Versailles courtiers, and sadly not a whiff of the noblesse oblige that one sometimes found among the worthier nobles. They tie the rest of us up in restrictions, regulations, and laws from which they gleefully exempt themselves. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were like the child sticking its finger in a dog’s maw and daring the dog to bite it.

Unless sanity prevails soon — and it is not going to prevail as long as they are obsessed with damnatio memoriae of Trump — they are dancing on a volcano.

“Dance On A Volcano”


Many of us have been wondering if Biden was actually a Trojan Horse, a moderate they could get ‘elected’ and then replace by a San Francisco lib who couldn’t even get 2% in the primaries. This article by Matt Margolis indicates that the gag order on Biden’s cognitive decline has been lifted from the leftie media, and that the 25th Amendment might well be trotted out to get (barf) Willie Brown’s old squeeze installed instead.

Also, for a very long roundup of shamnauguration news, see J. J. Sefton at Ace of Spades.

And Victor Davis Hanson reminds us that the only things Americans like less than a sore loser is a vindictive winner.

One thought on “Dance on a volcano

  1. I grew up with it recognized that it was a common, nasty slur on women that they got there by sleeping with someone. Heck, one of my mom’s running jokes was that she was sleeping with the boss but she drove the worst vehicle, did the worst jobs, etc. (They managed a ranch together, in theory mom was part time work. They are a team.)

    We now have someone who is obviously going senile, in a way that breaks the heart of anyone who’s lost a family member that way, as the only barrier to a woman who openly and blatantly did exactly that.

    It’s disgusting.

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