US Elections 2020: Meanwhile, in the House [UPDATED]

Brief update: with all the hullabaloo about the Presidential election, one might forget about the House. As of the time of writing, according to RealClearPolitics, of 435 seats, 220 have been called D, 208 have been called R (which includes one runoff in Louisiana liable to end up R), and 7 are still in the balance: NY-3, NY-22, CA-21, CA-25, IA-2, NJ-7, and UT-4. Of these, NY-22 has the GOP candidate with a solid lead, the remainder are too close to even call probably. So we’re looking at a GOP gain of 8-9 seats minimum.

And one wonders about PA, if a recount there might not flip a couple more seats. Perhaps somebody more familiar with the state might fill me in?

In the Senate, things stands at 48 D – 50 R (net change: one D pickup) and both GA races headed for runoff. One GA Senate race has Perdue (R) winning just 0.3 short of the mandatory runoff threshold, the other had the R vote split among Loeffler and Collins, with Loeffler now facing Warnock in the runoff. Among the remaining Senate races, the flip in MI smells funny to me (and many other observers).

Among governors, it’s 27 R to 23 D, after the GOP picked up Montana.

Some “blue wave”.

ADDENDUM: It gets better.

Tim Pool on the circular firing squad starting in the DINO party:

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