COVID19 update, POTUS edition: update from Presidential medical team on his condition

Happy Sukkot to my fellow Jewish readers. It has been all over the news that President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID19 and, “out of an abundance of caution”, have been admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center. We just got a press conference from his medical team here:

In brief: he ran a fever Thursday and Friday —- and it is implied he was on oxygen yesterday — but is off oxygen and fever today doing much better, says “he feels ready to walk out today”. He got both remdesivir IV (2nd day of a 5-day course) and a polyclonal antibody treatment (Regeneron). During Q&A a doc says his pO2 is 96% without an oxygen feed — which is one notch less than I get when I’m perfectly healthy, and I’m nearly two decades younger.

Below follows another video, from yesterday, by pulmonologist and medical school tutor Dr. Roger Seheult, who also dives into the science of interferon response and how deficiencies in it can cause patients to progress to the severe stage. We also learn there that the POTUS was on a prophylactic regime of vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, and low-dose aspirin (as an anticoagulant), much of it overlapping with what Dr. Seheult has been taking himself and has been advocating for other patients.
Dr. Seheult quotes a BMI of just over 30 (the threshold for “obese”) as a risk factor, but balances that with blood pressure readings of 121/79, which at that age and with such a stressful job are nothing short of astonishing. (Trump does not smoke and is a teetotaler.)

UPDATE: more on Regeneron here from Fox Business

UPDATE 2: Instapundit’s “developing” thread

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