COVID19 update, pre-Yom Kippur edition: some Yom Kippur links

(1) Israel’s “coronavirus czar” Prof. Roni Gamzu apologizes for failing to prevent a second lockdown. At least this writer realizes he did what he could. As the Yes song goes, “Yours Is No Disgrace“.
Even PM Netanyahu, uncharacteristically, admitted failure in handling the epidemic “by reopening too soon, too fast”. I frankly think one person who could do with reciting a few additional “al chet”s this kippur is Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, for the foundering of the “track and trace” effort because of turf wars between the health establishment (claiming it needed to be run by health professionals) and those (starting with former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett) who correctly recognized it as a logistical and scalability challenge first and advocated from the start for its transfer to the IDF.

(2) A Jerusalem Post writer reflects on spending the High Holidays in Copenhagen, which marks 400 years of Jewish presence.

(3) Prof. Mark Last from Ben-Gurion University claims Israel is approaching herd immunity. Some of the papers I have been discussing here figure in the article. Also quoted is Tom Britton, who argues for a number of 43%, in between the classical first-order estimate of 60+% and the second-order estimate of Prof. Gabriela Gomes, who arrives at numbers in the 20-25%.

(4) Interesting interview with British epidemiologist Michael Edelstein, who recently immigrated to Israel. Read the whole thing: I can’t do it justice by selective quoting.

The blog will now observe “radio silence” until after the holiday.

May you be sealed in the Book of Life on this Yom Kippur.
Those of you who do fast, have an easy fast.
And great health in mind and body to us all.

Gmar chatima tova.

Embassy of Israel on Twitter: "Gmar Chatima Tova! 🕊️🇮🇱… "

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