LY 971: a historic direct commercial flight from Tel-Aviv to Abu Dhabi

Aviation blogger and YouTuber Sam Chui has lots of details.

The news of normalization with the United Arab Emirates did not come as a complete surprise to us, as low-level contacts have existed since the mid-1990s — neither party saw it in its interest to shout their existence from the rooftops. [UPDATE: it appears PM Netanyahu made a secret visit to the UAE Crown Prince back in 2018, together with Mossad chief Yossi Cohen who brokered the meeting.] Still, this is a historic first.

What precisely moved the UAE to “make things official” right now? Aside from everybody on the Arab peninsula getting nervous about Iran, Coronavirus (and particularly Israel’s research efforts on a vaccine and treatment options) is one thing; this is part of a general interest in Israel’s technological know-how, as the Gulf state tries to diversify its economy and position itself best for “the day after” their oil either runs out or becomes an obsolescent energy source.

Od yavo shalom aleinu ve-al kulam. Salaam, aleinu ve-al kol ha-olam.
[Peace be upon us yet and upon all. Salaam, upon us and upon all the world.]

Moshe “Mosh” Ben-Ari with his version of “`Od yavo shalom `aleinu”

UPDATE: first cooperation agreement signed on banking.

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