COVID19 mini-update, August 24, 2020: clinical study on convalescent plasma [UPDATE: emergency approval issued]; UK media push for reopening schools

[A quick update: had a long workday, and then got a burst of inspiration and hammered out a rough outline for the Operation Flash sequel]

(1) Roger Seheult MD discusses the results of a large-scale (36,000 patients) clinical trial by the Mayo Clinic with convalescent plasma, i.e., injecting antibodies from recovered patients (sometimes referred to as “passive vaccine treatment”).

The preprint is available here TL;DR summary: this may be useful if (a) given early in the disease; (b) the higher the antibody titer in the plasma, the more effective. In later disease stages, benefit is not obvious. The study had no proper control arm (placebo, “standard of care”).

(2) A reader from Belgium sent me a link to an article in Dutch in De Artsenkrant (the Physician’s Gazette), where a retired pneumologist questions the “exaggerated” response to the epidemic, which allegedly “confuses a pandemic with a mortal threat”

Relatedly: while US media (which Instapundit these days refers to as “a psychological warfare operation against normal Americans”) are now peddling the line that reopening school is “because Orange Man Bad wants children to die”, the UK media are pushing the exact opposite message, namely that keeping children out of school and away from social contact with their peer group is more harmful. Case in point: these two screenshots from the BBC (via Seth Frantzman):

And finally, Powerline says Biden (or whoever operates his teleprompter) ought to sing a few keys lower (priceless Dutch expression) about pandemic response.

UPDATE: emergency authorization issued for convalescent plasma treatment

2 thoughts on “COVID19 mini-update, August 24, 2020: clinical study on convalescent plasma [UPDATE: emergency approval issued]; UK media push for reopening schools

  1. The plasma treatment seems to be worth it, but of course it will be poo-pooed over here because it doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’ the media has constructed, so it will be picked apart for no control group, etc.

    • the press will certainly poo-poo as OrangeManBad said good things about it officially.
      My somewhat leftoid little sis got the WuFlu and she has been thinking of donating her plasma.
      Also learned Brother-in-law tested positive but my oldest sis (I suffer from 3 sisters) came up negative.
      She is bugging out for her two weeks (either a cleaning customer’s house or their “camp” on Possum Kingdom) while he stays home and his only symptoms are some sinus issues (in Texas, this is normal anyhow). For the best as the two together that long would likely end in divorce or speeding of the “Death Do Us Part”. He likely got it from an elderly customer (he’s a contractor) who was later hospitalized for the SinoPox.

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