COVID19 mini-update, August 9, 2020: Dr. Mina on inexpensive daily testing as a path to normality

On Dr. Seheult’s MedCram channel, Dr. Michael Mina (Harvard) explains what’s wrong with COVID19 testing today, and how to change it from what he calls “the Nespresso model” to “the instant coffee model”: a less sensitive but very inexpensive ($1 a test) saliva-based paper reagent strip test that gives answers in 15 minutes and could feasibly be used for daily screening. This test will be less sensitive than RT-PCR (which costs dozens of times as much) but gives a feasible means of detecting the people with the highest viral load, most likely to be infectious. Thus, for people in high-risk professions and settings, one could conceivably carry out daily screening.

Anyway, here is the short (5 min.) version of the video:

A longer and more detailed version is available here.

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