COVID19 update, August 3, 2020: link dump edition

The Daily Telegraph on how Boris Johnson was convinced to hastily slammed the brakes on British reopening based on a minor fluctuation in data. Such are the dangers of somebody who’s not used to dealing with data and measurement uncertainties looking at numbers like they are sacred scripture…

The US mainstream media narrative is that Trump is hell-bent on opening the schools because Orange Man Bad. Considering how pathetically dumbed-down public school curricula are these days, I was at best ambivalent about this one.

Turns out the fiercest advocate of school reopening is not Trump, but… CDC director Robert Redfield, citing an increase in suicides and overdose fatalities that well exceeds COVID19 mortality in that age bracket, and which he attributes to the lack of a social framework for these children and teenagers. 

And the internet is forever. 

Related (h/t: littleoldlady), this link.   Also related: this paper to a larger-scale version of Didier Raoult’s original study.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a bill on Tuesday that would prevent state and local governments engaged in religious discrimination from receiving federal funding during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fascinating article (via David Bernstein) about how severely dysfunctional immune responses in otherwise healthy young(ish) people to COVID19 (and other infections) may be due to subtle genetic defects.

In the same online science magazine, a subject I’ve been discussing here repeatedly: the tricky math of herd immunity (once you move beyond the simplistic 1st-order model).

And the WSJ on the emerging consensus on how COVID19 is spread: it boils down to the three Cs of Japanese infographics. enClosed spaces, Crowded, and close-in Conversations.

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