2 thoughts on “Wuhan Virus, What We Know Today

  1. Question about NAC: Previously, it sounded like it was effective if taken after symptoms first appeared, but not as a prophylactic. Has new research/experience modified that?

  2. I don’t think it is a new finding. As far as I can tell Cysteine (NAC) seems to be a generally good thing no matter what.

    Like Vitamin D, Cysteine plays a key role in the body so you want to have a decent amount of it. Also like Vitamin D, the body can make enough of it if you are healthy but it seems that a lot of people are deficient in it, hence the advice to increase it artificially. Ideally you’d get a test first to find out if your levels are low, but my understanding is that it isn’t a thing that is harmful if you have a little too much so there’s no danger in just taking the supplement anyway.

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